• Divesoft Analyser Solo
    Divesoft Analyser Solo

    Analyzer SOLO is a precise apparatus for measuring oxygen and helium concentrations in scuba diving breathing gasses. It is a necessary tool for technical divers using nitrox and trimix mixtures.

    The analyzer SOLO is…

    € 874,83
  • Divesoft O2 / He Analyser - Stand Alone
    Divesoft O2 / He Analyser - Stand Alone

    ANALYZERThe Analyzer He/O2 is accurate and precision apparatus for measuring oxygen, nitrogen and helium concentration in diving breathing mixtures. It is a necessary assistant for technical divers who use nitrox and trimix…

    € 1.097,83
  • Set Blender Basic
    Set Blender Basic

    Product code: #8060

    Set Blender Basic contents:
    - Analyzer He/O2
    - Watertight case #8015
    - Professional flow limiter #8021
    - Connecting hose #8009
    - Power adapter #3026
    - Spare parts #8019These prices are guidelines, the exact…

    € 1.291,07


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